TRUSTS Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space pursues a culture of openness and will provide many of the project deliverables for the public. They will be published on this page in the course of the project.

A reading orientation:

For a general overview of the project development, the annual reports of the project management are helpful (D1.2 for 2020, D1.3 for 2021 and D1.4 for 2022).

If you want to learn more about the EU and worldwide challenges and trends of data marketplace service and read about definitions of the requirements for the provision of a multi, concurrent and cross-domain, secure and scalable end-to-end (E2E) data marketplace service, please take a look at the deliverables under the title REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS.

The progress of implementation of relevant requirements (identified by WP2 “REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS”)) and specifications for the TRUSTS platform can be found within the deliverables D3.1-D3.13.

If you are interested in solutions for privacy preserving analytics that were developed and implemented within TRUSTS, we recommend reading D4.2. It focuses especially on federated deep learning techniques.

The deliverables under the title “USE CASES” deal with exactly that – the use cases of TRUSTS from the planning until the evaluation phase.

You can find an analysis of the relevant legal acts and the development of a robust LEGAL AND ETHICAL framework for the TRUSTS Platform in the deliverables D6.1-D6.4.

BUSINESS MODEL AND EXPLOITATION deals with business models for data markets, the ecosystem and its needs regarding innovation aspects and intellectual property and data management.

Last but not least you can follow the communication and dissemination efforts and progress in the deliverables D8.1-D8.5 as well as the development of a training and capacity building programme (D8.6-D8.7).

If you miss a number – not all deliverables are public. Here you will find those that are public.