In the third and final year of the TRUSTS project, the second TRUSTS demonstration phase – the real life trials – started in March 2022. The first round of trials took place from May to November 2021, and the findings and lessons learned will be incorporated into the second phase. The TRUSTS vision is to be tested via the two demonstration phases by potential end-users. The second demonstration phase intents to primarily verify that an operational marketplace has been provided with characteristics of an operational marketplace being able to be used by “common users”.

Use CasesBeyond the trials that each Use Case will perform on its own, all three UCs intend to perform common trials to imitate real life transactions testing scalability as well. Multiple corporate nodes will be created, and each node will upload several assets to populate the platform. Enriching the feedback with more responses to questionnaires from more stakeholder’s engagement and trials session popularity, supplementary external stakeholders will be employed to use the platform in the second demonstration phase.

Subsequently conducting advanced field trials within the sectors of Financial Institutions, Telecom Operators, Corporate data providers, etc., while demonstrating and validating the TRUSTS Platform aims to ensure the technology innovations developed and thoroughly test the TRUSTS solutions and business aspects, involving actors that represent all targeted sectors. Significant effort from all three TRUSTS UCs is put together to include participants external to the TRUSTS team.

Goal: Cover all essential functionalities

Each of the three UCs has provided measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to quantify the overall performance and achieved developments. The trials designed and are further executed in this second demonstration phase of the UCs were well defined to address all aspects of the implementation and produce sound results. The operational plan is documented in the deliverable D5.2 where the methodology is laid out, set to be used by the three UCs regarding the second demonstration cycle of trials and each UCs three sets of scenarios to be followed:

  • UCs scenarios to evaluate the TRUSTS platform
  • UCs scenarios to evaluate each UCs applications and business aspects
  • UCs common scenarios for the end-to-end platform evaluation

The core goal of the UC trials is that the final version of the TRUSTS platform will cover all the essential functionalities as per the updated Functional Requirements of deliverable D2.3, that should all be tested and hence evaluated. It is in the project’s scope that the end-to-end platform functionality, processes, and operation will be tested through the UC trials to assure the establishment of a unified, comprehensive, viable, expandable, and future proof data marketplace service.

The outcome of the second demonstration cycle will give feedback mainly back to work package 3 for further and final iterations till the end of the project. The final 360o TRUSTS evaluation and lessons learnt will be documented in the public deliverable D5.11 entitled “Performance evaluation and lessons learnt report II” which will be submitted by October 2022.