TRUSTS concluded its first demonstration phase in November 2021

TRUSTS envisages to exceed the current data market state of the art, accommodating a full range of data trading and respective collaboration services in one unified platform dealing with both sensitive private and industrial data. These, along with the ability to develop a sustainable business model, are key differentiators of TRUSTS from other data marketplaces.

The first demonstration phase of the TRUSTS trials concluded in November 2021 where real life trials involving business and technical stakeholders were performed. All three Use Cases (UC) aimed to imitate the envisaged commercial service thus enabling an initial technical, performance and business validation. Subsequently conducting advanced field trials within the sectors of Financial Institutions, Telecom Operators, Corporate data providers, etc., while demonstrating and validating the TRUSTS Platform aimed to ensure the technology innovations developed and thoroughly test the TRUSTS solutions and business aspects, involving actors that represent all targeted sectors. During Cycle 1, 21 trial sessions were performed by the three UCs with 121 test steps where all functionalities implemented in the first version of the TRUSTS platform were thoroughly tested. In addition, the User Interface Mock-up was demonstrated in several trials. Significant effort was made to include participants external to the TRUSTS team.

Preliminary TRUSTS mock-up design landing page

Preliminary TRUSTS mock-up design landing page

All participants provided comments during the trials which were kept by the trial leader for further analysis in the form of questionnaire feedback. Each of the three use cases has provided measurable Key Performance Indicators to quantify the overall performance and achieved developments. The trials designed and executed in the first Cycle of the UC trials were well defined to address all aspects of the implementation and produce sound results. Initial results and lessons learnt were reported in the public deliverable D5.10 entitled “Performance evaluation and lessons learnt report I” which was submitted in December 2021 (M24).

TRUSTS aims at providing a 360o evaluation of the TRUSTS Platform. To this end, all platform versions (provided by WP3) will be evaluated in correlation to the respective Mock-Ups (also provided by WP3) aiming at conveying all end product usability aspects even at early implementation stages.

Now heading towards the start of the second demonstration phase of the TRUSTS trials commencing January 2022.

You can find videos of the trials on our YouTube Channel.


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