Guests: Antragama Ewa Abbas, PhD researcher at the TPM-ESS-ICT group (TU Delft)

Interviewer: Nina Popanton, Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO)

  • Antragama has studied 137 academic articles on data markets and structured the analysis using the Service-Technology-Organization-Finance (STOF) model. What is the motivation to conduct the study?
  • What are the key findings from this analysis?
  • Where are open aspects of research on data markets that would be necessary on a non-technical side?
  • An additional aspect in TRUSTS is business model taxonomy for data markets. What does this mean and which benefits are expected for the project TRUSTS, as well as the European Data Economy?

Antragama Ewa Abbas is a PhD researcher at Delft University of Technology. His PhD research objective is to design data governance mechanisms for business data sharing in data marketplace meta-platforms. He will explore whether the demonstrable data governance will reduce data providers’ risk of losing control over data or not. Within TRUSTS, he supports the consortium in developing a pan-European data market, focusing on business models and data governance aspects. Tune in and learn more about Antragamas’ work within TRUSTS.