“In a global world, independence is a dangerous thing”. With this statement in the recent Trending Topics interview, the President of the Data Intelligence Offensive (within TRUSTS the Work Package Lead Communication and Dissemination) Günther Tschabuschnig pleads for more cooperation between countries with regard to digital infrastructure and industry. Tschabuschnig also explains where Europe could have advantages when it comes to the cloud, why it’s okay for Austria to cook its own soup, so to speak, with the Ö-Cloud, and why data doesn’t stop at the border. He talks about GAIA-X, the EU’s TRUSTS project and what it will take to create a secure and trustworthy European data market.

Günther Tschabuschnig explains in the interview what the TRUSTS project is, what TRUSTS aims about and also which use cases the project will use.

The full interview is available here (german only).