We build up sustainable knowledge and expand existing information – in small steps. That is the idea of social microlearning. By collecting relevant questions in small portions and dealing with them in a playful way, discussions on a wide range of aspects of one topics – in our case data markets – can be initiated. The approach simplifies complex topics, breaks them in small pieces, and dismantles knowledge silos.

Microlearning focuses on short-term and informal learning activities using small, but self-explanatory learning resources that are available via internet.*

The basic idea is simple: True to the motto “create and share”, everyone is invited (yes, including you) to test their own knowledge and to add new aspects additionally. If a piece is missing – make a short quiz card about it! Together we can create an entertaining pool of information and make a complex topic easy to understand. In this way, the virtual flashcards box grows constantly and everyone contributes to expanding the knowledge pool. In addition, the flashcards can be enriched with explanation, insights and feedback. What are you waiting for? You can start know!

Examples Social Microlearning

Why do we use this for an EU-project?

Part of the objectives of the TRUSTS project revolves around supporting learning processes about data, trust, and safety among European stakeholders and citizens. Social Microlearning cards ideally support them in the learning-process about the content resulting from research and innovation efforts of TRUSTS in a modern and easily accessible manner.

On the one hand, we have an additional channel for interaction with the respective stakeholders. On the other hand, the possibility to add questions makes them an interactive tool for everyone who wants to share knowledge about data marketplaces and related topics. There is no need to be an expert – the platform is for everyone. Try your knowledge – Sign in!


*Read more about “A Platform for Social Microlearning” by Bernhard Göschlberger.