SEMANTiCS Conference 2022

Vienna & Online Handelskai 269, Vienna

SEMANTiCS (September 12-15, 2022) is an established knowledge hub where technology professionals, industry experts, researchers and decision makers can learn about new technologies, innovations and enterprise implementations in the fields of Linked Data and Semantic AI. Since 2005, the conference series has focused on semantic technologies, which are today together with other methodologies such as […]

SemAI 2022: First Workshop on Semantic AI


September 13-15, 2022, Vienna, Austria. Co-located with SEMANTiCS Conference 2022 AI approaches based on machine learning have become increasingly popular across all sectors. However, experience shows that AI initiatives often fail due to the lack of appropriate data or low data quality. Furthermore, state-of-the-art AI models are widely opaque and suffer from a lack of [...]

Big-Data.AI Summit


Generating Value: The Path from Innovation to Production Big data and artificial intelligence are game changers when it comes to gathering insights and automating tasks. Integrating these technological advantages into organisations and the whole value chain poses big challenges to companies wanting to future-proof their business models. Concrete steps towards this goal come with a […]

16th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA)


The European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA) is the premier European software architecture conference, providing researchers, practitioners, and educators with a platform to present and discuss the most recent, innovative, and significant findings and experiences in the field of software architecture research and practice. The 16th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA 2022) will be […]

European Research and Innovation Days 2022


Let’s shape the future together European Research and Innovation Days is the European Commission’s annual flagship Research and Innovation event, bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond. The event will take place online on 28 and 29 September 2022, allowing […]

ACM Data Economy Workshop

Sapienza University of Rome Rome

Data-driven decision making powered by Machine Learning (ML) algorithms is changing how the society and the economy work and is having a profound positive impact on our daily life. With the exception of very large companies that have both the data and the skills to develop powerful ML-driven services, the large majority of provably possible […]