Views on IDS: Industrial Marketplaces Based on Trust

Data marketplaces are discussed on many different levels and are in the focus of those who drive digitisation. In order to get insights from different perspectives, the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) invited three representatives of data marketplaces: A H2020 research project, funded by the European Commission, called MARKET 4.0, another research project, which is [...]

Role of Data Innovation Spaces and Data Driven Innovation Hubs in the European digital transformation

The concept "Data Innovation Space" (BDVA i-Spaces) was first introduced in BDVA SRIA 2014, as a mechanism to foster data driven innovation in Europe at national and regional level. I-Spaces were conceived as environments for experimentation and innovation, bringing together not only technical aspects around data, but also advanced services that allow companies to test [...]

Data Spaces Dialogue: Design Principles for European Data Spaces #2

International Data Spaces (IDS) is not a blank sheet but a vivid and strong initiative which already proved that it is ready to take responsibility for implementing the European Data Strategy and helping to create the European Data Space. IDSA is offering to contribute knowledge and technology to the envisaged high impact project on European [...]


Privacy Preserving Technologies for Trusted Data Spaces

Our consortium member IDSA is on a mission to bring sovereignty and trust to data ecosystems while the Reference Architecture Model (IDS-RAM) is offering a framework to leverage more data in a trusted way. But how could it be executed in highly constrained environments? What can the technology could offer when data cannot be moved [...]


The core of TRUSTS: Innovating European data markets through trust, security, and federation


Speakers: Peter A. Bruck, DIO / Natalia Simon and Silvia Castellvi, IDSA / Ioannis Markopoulos, Forthnet / Bert Utermark, G1 Governance One / Charlotte Ducuing, KU Leuven / Benjamin Heitmann, Fraunhofer FIT Moderator: Martin Kaltenböck, SWC Technical support: Thomas Thurner, SWC   This webinar is the start of our webinar series focusing on different aspects [...]


TRUSTS & Safe-DEED webinar: Legal aspects of data sharing platforms.


Legal frameworks are an important topic when it comes to data sharing. To share challenges and discuss possible issues, TRUSTS and Safe-DEED are co-hosting a webinar on 31 March (11am-12pm, CET).   Alessandro Bruni (Safe-DEED, KU Leuven) will give an input about the public opinion view on data sharing. Lidia Dutkiewicz (TRUSTS, KU Leuven) shares [...]

TRUSTS & Safe-DEED Webinar: Privacy Preservation in Data Markets


When it comes to data sharing, privacy and the preservation of privacy are most future-relevant topics. To share challenges and outcomes, as well as to discuss most common issues and solutions, TRUSTS and Safe-DEED are co-hosting a webinar on 21 April (11am-12pm, CET).