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Speakers: Peter A. Bruck, DIO / Natalia Simon and Silvia Castellvi, IDSA / Ioannis Markopoulos, Forthnet / Bert Utermark, G1 Governance One / Charlotte Ducuing, KU Leuven / Benjamin Heitmann, Fraunhofer FIT

Moderator: Martin Kaltenböck, SWC

Technical support: Thomas Thurner, SWC


This webinar is the start of our webinar series focusing on different aspects of the project.


Trust is a crucial precondition so that people feel secure and are willing to share their data to contribute to a pan-European data ecosystem in which European values like personal rights and GDPR are highly respected.

In this session you will learn more about the EU project TRUSTS within the H2020 programme and an Austrian perspective on it. You will be introduced to:

  • EU Data Strategy
  • A market study of data markets
  • Creating innovative data ecosystems with interconnected resources that can function harmoniously as a single transparent unit
  • Operator business model options in a federated TRUSTS data ecosystem
  • Legal and ethical pillars of TRUSTS
  • Technical foundation of TRUSTS to enable and maintain data sovereignty
  • Stakeholder engagement


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