On 17 March, around 25 experts from all over Europe talked about technical aspects, business models, data sharing and trading, as well as environmental and social aspects in the context of a TRUSTS workshop. The experts were people with a connection to datamarket-initiatives like the International Data Spaces Association, Data Market Austria and TRUZZT as well as companies e.g., AMDEX, Verto Analytics, Fiware or Innopay.

First results

The discussions at the virtual World Café tables were very enlightening and insightful. The participants agreed that global rules are important. Another need apart from that is to expose the benefits of data markets. People as well as institutions are afraid to share data and therefore keep them for themselves. Processes to maintain data quality and integrity can be a key to that.

Besides general impulses and requirements, also interesting ideas raised during the discussions. One for example was to think about providing an ESG (environmental, social, and governance risks) rating for data assets in addition to other metadata such as user ratings. This would support ongoing attempts of measuring e.g., how “green” a data asset is.

As the workshop took place last week the full evaluation of the results is still in progress. We will post all of the results on the TRUSTS Website soon.

About the workshop: Gather real-world experience

Within the TRUSTS project current EU and world-wide trends in data sharing, brokerage and trading on online platforms are analyzed. In order to diversify the research methodology, TRUSTS held a World Café as an equivalent to focus groups of stakeholders. The goal was to gather real-life experience from stakeholders familiar with datamarkets to extend the research currently performed and to incorporate it into a final report.