The first deliverable reporting on the implementation and testing plan of the three TRUSTS Use Cases, Deliverable 5.1 ‘Pilot planning and operational management report I’ has been submitted. It reports the status of the related project task, ‘Planning, setup and operational management of the demonstration of the TRUSTS platform’ and summarizes the efforts taken thus far.

This deliverable is the first one of a series with the purpose to give a detailed analysis of the planning and operational procedures to be followed by the three business-oriented Use Cases:

  1. Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
  2. Agile Marketing through Data Correlation
  3. Data Acquisition to improve Customer Support Services

It exclusively relates to the planning and the operational management of the first phase of the trials starting April 2021, the framework for testing the TRUSTS solution, including the use cases objectives and the expected outputs, challenges, risks, assumptions, requirements, and KPIs along with the data management and future exploitation of each use case.


Link to Deliverable 5.1

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