TRUSTS Podcast

In our podcast we give an insight into the project, address the main aspects of TRUSTS and explain them with experts from the consortium.

Episode 1:

Get an insight into TRUSTS: What is the project all about? What are the motivations, objectives, goals but also risks? Are there already existing data markets? How can data markets be connected? How could such a connection be implemented technically?

Episode 2:

Bert Utermark and Hosea Ofe tell you more about the business perspectives of TRUSTS and the chances and risks of data markets: How will data markets shape the European industry? What are the business perspectives of the TRUSTS project? What are the benefits and risks?

Episode 3:

Where are major voids and controversies concerning the legal situation when it comes to data sharing? How will TRUSTS help the EU policy makers to tackle the legal framework with regard to data transactions? Yuliya Miadzvetskaya from the KU Leuven tells you more about the legal aspects of TRUSTS and the challenges in the area of data sharing.

Episode 4:

Business models and data governance aspects are essential to platform commercialization beyond the development phase. The interview partner of this episode – Antragama Ewa Abbas – and his colleagues from TU Delft are responsible for developing and evaluating sustainable business models for TRUSTS. In this Podcast he talks about what we do – and do not – know about data market research.

Episode 5:

Stavroula Ntoa is part of the Technical Scientific Personnel of ICS at FORTH and owner of a PhD in “Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction”. She talks about which criteria are relevant for developing a platform like TRUSTS data market federator, how the process looks like and gives an insight in what features the platform will provide.

Episode 6:

Within this episode Natalia – who is currently project and innovations manager for the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) – talks with Nina about what the IDSA is supporting TRUSTS with, about the IDS reference architecture and why it is guiding for TRUSTS, Data Sovereignty and Standards.

Episode 7:

Silvia Castellví , project manager of the TRUSTS project in the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) talks with Nina Popanton about standardization activities, the latest workshop on Data Spaces & Semantic Interoperability, trustworthy collaboration and the community.