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In the TRUSTS project, legal and ethical issues arise from the research and innovation activities. Therefore, we analyzed the research ethics principles to address these subjects and introduce the ethical landscape applicable for TRUSTS.

The development, testing and validation must comply with ethical principles to respect the individuals involved and to prevent harm. TRUSTS adheres to the ethics adopted throughout the European Union and embeds it in the planning, development, testing and implementation of its socio-technical solution.

Ethics is a primary concern for researchers. Ethics underlie European law and provide guidance when navigating the ambiguities of legal norms. Ethical standards provide guidelines and should be respected when evaluating and developing new solutions, which may fall in a yet unregulated area, such as AI. Ethics plays an important role when considering the appropriate course of action in conditions of uncertainty.

In Deliverable 6.1 we analyzed relevant sources of ethics obligations such as the H2020 ethics code of conduct and highlighted the areas of concern within the project such as the use of AI systems.

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