TRUSTS Data-Marketplace

The amount of data available and produced every day is exploding. Data has become an important raw material that is of high importance in nearly every industry sector worldwide.

Thereby a vital data economy and a successfully working Data-Services Ecosystem in Europe is one of the factors to enable and ensure sustainable employment and growth and thereby societal stability and well-being.

Data has swept into every industry and business function and is now an important factor of production, alongside labor and capital.

Trust within a data market is a prerequisite for participants feeling safe to share personal and proprietary data. This is not only a matter of technological development, but also a sound legal and ethical foundation is necessary. In addition, viable and feasible business models are fundamental.

The Horizon 2020 project TRUSTS ‘Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space’ developed a data sharing platform for secure, trustworthy, and GDPR-compliant data exchanges.

What is the registration about?

Registration of a company to TRUSTS data marketplace: a fully operational and GDPR-compliant European Data Marketplace for personal related and non-personal related data targeting individual and industrial use. Where the Company representative will be able to access TRUSTS data market and make use of its performance.

With free flow of data, allowing companies and public administrations to store and process non-personal data wherever they choose in the EU.

TRUSTS ensures that data subjects and data owners remain in control of their personal data and subsequent use and that industrial data is shared and traded in compliance with legal rights and fair remuneration of data owners.

We thank you for your contribution to this success, for your confidence and support.

What is technically required to join the TRUSTS platform?

The TRUSTS platform is a set of interconnected machines, each of which belongs to one organization.

For your organization to join, you will need to make a machine available with certain technical characteristics. In particular, it has to be accessible to the other machines that make up the TRUSTS platform, for this a domain name has to be linked to a static IP address. In the following form, you will have to provide both these data, after which a certificate will be issued for you for this domain, and it, along with the installation instructions of the components you will have to install in the machine, will be made available to you via email.

Please fill in the form, sign the TRUSTS registration agreement ( download here) and upload the document before submit the form: