Who stands behind the TRUSTS consortium? In our series “Meet TRUSTS” we will introduce the project partners and the people working for them! Today: our project coordinator.

decorative image, showing people and devicesLeibniz University of Hannover (LUH) participates in the TRUSTS project by engaging its research center, L3S. The TRUSTS project is coordinated by Alexandra Garatzogianni, head of tech transfer at L3S.

The L3S Research Center, founded in 2001, is a joint research institute of several universities in Lower Saxony, Germany, officially associated with the LUH. Work at L3S focuses on excellent AI-based research and the development of innovative and cutting-edge methods and technologies for systems, which are intelligent (characterized by learning processes that allow the acquisition of new skills and deal with a large amount of heterogeneous, uncertain and probabilistic data), reliable (ensuring the reliability of the ever more complex networked and autonomous intelligent systems), and responsible (both reflecting social needs and explore and assess possible effects on personal freedom of development, democratic principles and social interaction). The L3S team builds upon approaches from various areas such as social media analysis, information retrieval, machine learning, natural language processing, semantic web technologies, as well as privacy/security related legal issues and sociology. L3S scientists cooperate in a variety of projects assigned to six research fields: Intelligent Access to Information, Next Generation Internet, E-Science, Web Governance, Virtual Communities, Cyber-Physical Systems.

The long standing experience of L3S with support programs of the European Union has led to a vast number of collaborations with research institutes and companies across Europe.