There are currently still some obstacles to the creation of a data market. Due to the lack of trustworthy and secure platforms as well as privacy-friendly analysis methods for the secure sharing of data, data exchange is mostly limited to open data. This trend will continue as long as different technical standards, quality levels and legal aspects are allowed to diverge uncontrollably.

Trust through TRUSTS

TRUSTS wants to ensure trust in the concept of data markets as a whole via its focus on developing a platform, based on the experience of two large national projects (International Data Spaces and Data Market Austria), while allowing the integration and adoption of future platforms.

The Idea: The TRUSTS platform will act independently and as a platform federator taking into account the legal and ethical aspects that apply on the entire data valorisation chain, from data providers to consumers. To that end, it aims at a fully operational and GDPR-compliant European Data Marketplace for personal and non-personal related data. By using existing data marketplaces (International Data Space and Data Market Austria) and expanding their functionalities and services, both personal and industrial use should be promoted. To demonstrate and realize the potentials of the TRUSTS Platform three use cases are tested, targeting the industry sectors of corporate business data, specifically in the financial and telecom operator industries while ensuring it is supported by viable, compliant and impactful governance, legal and business models.

User centred approach: involving the key stakeholders from the start

The TRUSTS project follows a user centred approach, which places the stakeholders of a product or a system at the centre of its design and development. User centred design (UCD) seeks to answer questions about users and their tasks and goals, such as “who are the users of the TRUSTS platform?”, “what are user tasks and goals?”, “what expectations do users have from this platform?”. The answers to these questions are then used to drive the design and development. This is achieved by involving and talking directly to key stakeholders throughout the project, starting from its very beginning, in order to assure that the platform will deliver the foreseen requirements.

From small steps to big ones

During the first 18 months of the project, TRUSTS produced a comprehensive set of 44 functional requirements, the market analysis, the definition of the elements that TRUSTS will base its business and remuneration models and the initial platform version (find more information in the deliverable D2.2).

The process TRUSTS employed to define a sustainable business perspective is illustrated in the figure below:

image of the process for developing the TRUSTS plattform

This process includes the analysis of the market and stakeholders’ needs, the development of prototypes, which are going to be evaluated by real life trials and following the end of the project we aim at starting launching the commercial operations roadmap.

During the second half of the project TRUSTS aims at engaging with domain stakeholders in order to acquire insights for the functionality, usability and most of all business benefit that is envisaged by the stakeholders that aim to incorporate TRUSTS into a digital transformation path.

Share your experience with us!

Such stakeholder interaction will be performed through a questionnaire and subsequent interviews set. The online questionnaire can be found in the following link:

We are looking forward to you input in order to produce a platform that matches and supersedes your data exchange and digital ecosystem needs.

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