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European Big Data Value Forum 2020

KOSMOS Berlin Karl-Marx-Allee 131a, Berlin

The European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) is the flagship event of the European Big Data and Data-Driven AI Research and Innovation community organized by the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) and the European Commission (DG CNECT). EBDVF 2020 in Berlin aims to continue the success of previous editions where on average around 1000 participants […]

AI for Sustainable Development

Storytelling session aims at recognizing AI changemakers - enthusiasts who contribute to achieving one or more United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals with their AI solution Panel discussion aims at discussing and identifying other potential areas where AI could bring benefit. Organizers: AI Governance International & Circle of Sustainable Europe Contact: Ana Chubinidze (AIGI) & Ramon Rahangmetan (CoSE)   Agenda: 19:00 - Welcome from the […]

Webinar – Open Consultation Hour: ‘Get to know IDSA’

IDSA is a charitable, not-for-profit association working for the establishment of a global standard for data sharing to ensure data sovereignty. Together with its member organisations, its aim is to provide a sophisticated architecture to enable data-driven business ecosystems based on interoperability standards, certification processes and common data-usage policies. The domains where IDS can be […]


Operator business model options in a federated TRUSTS data ecosystem

In the second webinar of our webinar series, the speakers will delve into the business aspect of TRUSTS. Sophisticated data infrastructures and services are increasingly abundant and leave little space to quickly scale for those late to the table. Its dedicated focus on data sovereignty, federation and interoperability sets TRUSTS apart from other data market infrastructures. However, does it suffice for business sustainability?

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday, 9 February 2021, the 18th edition of Safer Internet Day will be celebrated with actions taking place right across the globe. With a theme once again of "Together for a better internet", the day calls upon all stakeholders to join together to make the internet a safer and better place for all.

LIVE SESSION: IDSA Insight Talk – How IDS accelerates GAIA-X


How is IDS involved in Gaia-X?
Professor Boris Otto, director at Fraunhofer ISST, Lars Nagel, CEO IDSA, and Sebastian Steinbuss, CTO IDSA, will discuss how IDS and the EU project GAIA-X can complement and strengthen their efforts in a live session.

Open Data Day 2021

Open Data Day is an annual celebration of open data all over the world. Groups from around the world create local events on the day where they will use open data in their communities.

IDS Q&A Workshop: How to Run an IDS Based Data Space

Speakers: Natalia Simon, Giulia Giussani and Christoph Mertens, IDSA. IDSA has developed the key fundamentals for successfully running a data space, IDSA members have created amazing scenarios of what a data space can look like. In the Q&A Workshop, IDSA would like to discuss with you how to put the fundamentals together, how to turn […]

IDS Live Session – Data Spaces Dialogue: Design Principles for European Data Spaces

Speakers: Thorsten Huelsmann, ISDA, and Dr. Oscar Lazaro, INNOVALIA The European Data Strategy mentions nine key domains in which data spaces should be created. It describes the availability of large pools of data, the infrastructure to use and exchange data and appropriate governance mechanisms as key. This framework and the concept of data spaces is […]

TRUSTS & Safe-DEED webinar: Legal aspects of data sharing platforms.


Legal frameworks are an important topic when it comes to data sharing. To share challenges and discuss possible issues, TRUSTS and Safe-DEED are co-hosting a webinar on 31 March (11am-12pm, CET).   Alessandro Bruni (Safe-DEED, KU Leuven) will give an input about the public opinion view on data sharing. Lidia Dutkiewicz (TRUSTS, KU Leuven) shares […]