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In the last few years, the European Union has made important steps towards a responsible and sustainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation. In 2019, the High-Level Expert Group delivered the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI and, even more recently, the European Commission put forward a proposal for a regulation to address different AI risk levels. However, these initiatives do not, alone, ensure Trustworthy AI. Besides rules and principles, “Trustworthy AI requires us to build and maintain an ethical culture and mindset through public debate, education and practical learning.” (HLEG, 2019).

The development of a Trustworthy AI culture poses several challenges to the whole AI ecosystem. The first issue regards how to create meaningful discussions involving different experts but also citizens and people with limited knowledge about AI and its wider implications (public debate). A second problem connects to the equipment needed to help future generations cope with the social and economic changes generated by AI and data-intensive applications (education). Finally, a third important issue relates to the capacity of AI actors to become familiar with principles, rules and the plethora of methodologies supporting ethical, legal and robust AI (practical learning).

This workshop will try to explore how we can get closer to a Trustworthy AI culture sharing investigations and good practices moving along the trajectories suggested by Trustworthy AI guidelines: public debate, education and practical learning. The event is part of the AI4EU project and will give the opportunity to share the results achieved by the AI4EU working groups on Ethical, Legal, Social, Economic and Cultural issues of AI (ELSEC AI). Launched at the end of 2020, working groups are semi-organised groups bringing together people from different backgrounds and sectors to collaborate on ELSEC AI with a genuine multidisciplinary spirit.

The workshop will host a mix of invited and contributed presentations, as well as panel discussions, and is open to scholars and practitioners working on Trustworthy and Responsible AI. The event will take place in Venice (Italy) and streamed online to allow remote participation. Registration is free of charge. More details about the workshop location and the program will be announced soon. If you would like to receive further information about the event, please email  osai@unive.it

Registration: Send an email with your name, surname and affiliation to  osai@unive.it

The Culture of Trustworthy AI. Public debate, education, practical learning