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European AI Forum – 3rd Edition

30 June, 10 am

The third edition of the European AI Forum will have a look into the new AI regulation draft. We will have a focus on European AI and how European AI can sell products in the world and also, look at sandboxes and how to make them efficient.

European AI Forum

On the last days of the Portuguese Presidency and as a new Trio takes the Council of the EU helm, European AI Associations invite you to join us in finding the right answers on:

The AI Act – the future foundation of the EU’s AI ecosystem?

Let’s really get under the hood and understand what is behind the proposed regulation. The draft EU AI Regulation – the future foundation of EU’s AI ecosystem, a discussion about the approach and the challenges to regulate AI in EU.

AI “made in EU” – how to scale and export AI from Europe?

AI made in EU – how to scale and export AI from Europe is the new proposed regulation turn into a bug or into a feature for European AI makers with export on their mind.

AI regulatory sandboxes – from theory to reality

How will Europe foster innovation and develop trustworthy AI in a highly regulated environment?

Program & Registration 

Watch the Livestream on the 30th June at 10am here