group photo of people in a seminar room holding the project logo

Project partners at the kickoff meeting in Hannover. Photo: LUH

Exchange of experiences and expectations were at the centre of our kick-off meeting on 23rd and 24th January 2020 in Hannover! Seventeen partners from nine countries met to discussions, detailled planning, and lessons learned from other projects.

TRUSTS will create an European data market that is based on secure & trustworthy data exchanges with a focus on corporate business data from the telecom and banking sectors.

Project partners

The project is lead and coordinated by Alexandra Garatzogianni from the L3S Research Center at Leibniz University of Hannover. The other cooperation partners are Semantic Web Company (Austria), Know Center (Austria), Delft University of Technology (Netherlands),  Katholieke Universitet Leuven (Belgium), the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Germany), Dell EMC Israel, Research Studios Austria, Governance One (Germany), International Data Spaces Association (Germany), Data Intelligence Offensive (Austria), Forthnet (Greece), Piraeus Bank (Greece), EBOS Technologies (Cyprus), LSTech Espana (Spain), Relational Technology (Romania), and FORTH Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (Greece).

Technical development


Legal and ethical issues

“The kick-off gave us a first hint at how promising the project and the interactions with partners are going to be”, say Charlotte Ducuing and Yuliya Miadzvetskaya from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Information Technology and Intellectual Property (CiTiP) at KU Leuven who will be providing legal and ethical support: “Based on an interdisciplinary work with the partners, we expect to contribute to the scholarly and policy debate on how to regulate data and data markets”.

Business models

“TRUSTS is a very important step in realizing data markets that we can trust. But without viable and feasible business models, no data market will sustain. In TRUSTS, we will learn and experiment with innovative business models for a pan-European data market. TU Delft will bring in expert knowledge on open data architectures and governance, as well as digital platform business models. This combination of expertise is needed: a business model is more than just a revenue model or a business case; it is about a coherent design of the value proposition, governance model and architecture”, says Marc de Reuver from TU Delft’s Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management.

“We want a project that will provide a tangible solution to the market”, adds Ioannis Markopoulos from the Greek Internet service provider Forthnet. Forthnet will coordinate the requirements collection and analysis and the cross-domain real life trials involving critical industries.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 871481.